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  • Yelp - Grey Circle
“I have had the good fortune to observe Mary Holmes at work.  Her approach is intelligent, imaginative and effective.  The results are extremely impressive.” 
Kenneth Branagh - actor/director/producer (Murder on the Orient Express, Cinderella, My Week with Marilyn, Thor, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Sleuth, Frankenstein, Wild Wild West, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Henry V, Dead Again, Wallander, Warm Springs, Shackleton)
“Hi Mary!  Thanks for the session on Wednesday.  The audition went well.  I showed up.  Fear and anxiety were off somewhere else.” 
Alexander Skarsgard - actor (True Blood, Zoolander, Battleship, What Maisie Knew, Straw Dogs)
“I don’t even know what to say!  The audition was unbelievable.  I was calm, confident and good to go.  The casting director said a different person walked back into that room.  Thank you.”
Mike Vogel  - actor (Under the Dome, The Help, Blue Valentine, She’s Out of My League, Cloverfield, Miami Medical, Pan Am)
“I’ve noticed the difference in many actors who have worked with Mary to overcome audition anxiety. The work allows them to be more focused and present in the room, as well as projecting confidence. 
Sarah Finn - casting director (Savages, Safe House, The Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Cowboys and Aliens, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, Crash)
"Sometimes the smarter money is spent not on the acting, but on letting go of all the crap we put around the acting.  She helped me to stop over-complicating things.  I finally feel like I’m in a place where I can handle the business part, and enjoy being creative.  And seriously, isn’t that why we wanted to act in the first place?” 
Sara Arrington  -  actress (Savages, Safe House)
Performance Testimonial


“I had been smoking for nearly forty years and had given up countless times, for days, weeks, even months, but I always seemed to find myself smoking again. With just two visits to Mary, I not only quit smoking, but I am still a non-smoker over three years later and have no reason to believe I will ever smoke again.  Thank you Mary.”  

Chris David - Owner/President/Re-Recording/Mixer@ Wildfire Post-Production Studios. (Immortals, Expendables, Milk, Donnie Darko, American Pie, Clueless, Happy Gillmore, Legends of the Fall, Alien 3)

“I have lost about 12 pounds in about 3 weeks, but more importantly my habits have changed drastically.  I actually eat 5 times a day and am never hungry, not that hunger was a criterion for eating before this program.  I just feel better and don’t even crave the stuff I used to desire.  I also feel differently about exercise.  I used to exercise a lot at various times in my life, but I just stopped one day and haven’t started again...until now.  Wow!”

Clayton Conner - Real Estate Entrepreneur

“It’s the greatest relief I’ve found. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, to go to hypnotherapy and change the things about myself I had struggled with, which were no longer helping me in any way.  Previously my blood pressure (in a relaxed state), was about 134/85.  Now it’s been closer to 115/60.  I don’t worry about my health, work, relationship, friends, sister, the doctor, in addition to many other issues I had.  I am happier and so are the people around me.  Thanks to hypnotherapy, I have resolved issues that might have taken years to overcome with regular therapy.  While therapy focuses on the “why” of things, hypnotherapy provides an immediate change of old habits and behaviors, as long as you sincerely are ready to give them up.  I strongly recommend hypnotherapy for all reasons, from quitting smoking, to eating less, to anxiety.  But I especially recommend it if you have problems like mine.” 

Hannelore Krueger - Administrator, Corporate Manager

“In 2009 I had two surgeries and without the help of Mary Holmes, recovery would have been far slower.  I say this because of the results that I lived through.  The first surgery was bi-lateral Knee surgery (both knees!).  Prior to the surgery I listened to Mary’s CD about 10 times; the medical folks gave me a cane, a walker, crutches and such.  I proceeded to astound my orthopedic surgeon and my physical therapist.  I literally just walked!  Of course I had to go through exercising, etc., but I am thrilled that my recovery was almost pain free.  The second surgery was a D and C in the hospital.  Again, because of the good results in the prior surgery with Mary, I had another session and she provided me with another CD.  Never once have I gone into the operating room without insisting on a sedative beforehand.  Not this time. Both my surgeons want to know how I accomplished such a miraculous recovery. True, they are wonderful doctors and I chose them for their skill and care.  I also, however, now insist on Mary Holmes being a part of any future procedure I may have to undergo.  She makes the process not only far easier than without hypnotherapy, but she also makes the healing go so fast that I amaze my doctors.  Now that’s saying something.  I was so calm and good-natured pre-surgery that I said no to sedation before-hand, and actually had my husband take a photo of me!”

Elena Devos, Ed.D.

"I never thought I would ACTUALLY quit smoking.... I thought it was a part of my identity and although I'd successfully cut down and could go occasional days without one, I never seriously entertained the (supposedly) mammoth task of never having one again. I went to Mary and.... it's been over 100 days and I don't even think about it anymore. I feel like she saved my life in a way and I'm so proud to say I'm a permanent non-smoker. I couldn't recommend Mary enough. She is frank, hilarious, loving and kind. Thank you Mary!"

Djinous R

"Mary is a revelation! I told a friend at a dinner party that I'd had problems sleeping for as long as I could remember and he told me he'd had the same. Then he told me about Mary. I was skeptical about the "hypnosis" part as I'd seen two hynotherapists previously without any success but his review of Mary was so glowing, I had to give her a try. In the time I spent with her, I found her to be extremely engaging and her insights fascinating. I just truly enjoyed speaking with her. She has so much practical knowledge to impart that I totally forgot there was a hypnosis element. Anyway, without giving too much away (as I could never explain things here the way Mary can in person), whatever she did worked.  Am I now a perfect sleeper? No, not perfect but I actually fall asleep and the racing thoughts that once filled my head don't the way they used to nor do I have to rely on sleep meds which I hated doing - so much so that I used to read nearly everything on the topic. Sadly, none of them helped. Seeing Mary was the only thing I found to be truly effective. That was nearly 6 months ago and I'm a much happier person now that I'm not half asleep and lethargic so much of the time.  I booked another appointment with her recently for life coaching and am looking forward to it. It's nice to know that I'm going to be seeing someone I already trust and respect about issues I have with my career and my life in general."

Wen F

"I have been to several councilors in life as well as one other Hypnotherapist (which proved to work in the past for me) and Mary by far is the best I have been to yet!!! I was at a place in my life where I had just lost my job, ended a really painful relationship and was really depressed, anxious and overwhelmed by life. I knew I needed outside help or my mind was going to spin further into a downward spiral and I was going to loose myself completely. I had many things I wanted to work on.  I needed to quit smoking cigarettes, I could feel them killing me and being a heavy smoker was limiting me in every area of my life. But, first I needed my mind to be in a more positive state and deal with some of my past issues if I wanted being a non-smoker to last.  I wanted to work out past traumas, better my relationships with my family, heal from my last relationship, I also wanted to work on being more confident, not letting the fear of rejection dictate my life, learn to be comfortable speaking (and singing) in public, and believe in myself more in general.  After researching many councilors, hypnotherapists, and healers I found Mary. She provided a safe and comfortable environment, helped me deal with my past traumas, forgive, and let go, as well as become more confident within myself. I speak up more, set more boundaries, know what I want and am living my life fuller and happier!! I am also a permanent non-smoker and feel better than I have ever felt before!!!! One of the great things too is that the hypnotherapy taped sessions are always there for me to listen to again when I feel I'm having a rough day and need a little reminding.  Mary is a wonderful guide for self discovery and a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have worked with her now and will work with her again in the future as needed!  Thank you Mary for all your teachings and encouragement :)"

Teal D

"I had tried everything for 2 years - 2 YEARS!! It had been difficult to quit smoking, to become a permanent nonsmoker, but I called Mary and talked with her. Almost immediately I could tell she was going to be able to do it. She had tons and tons to say even before I signed up, I was blown away. The sessions themselves are truly robust, just two. Both are so very comprehensive to help you become a nonsmoker. She deals with the problem from all angles and shows it to you.  After just over two months since going to see her, I'm perfectly fine, a permanent non-smoker. I've had drinks, late nights, coffee, friends smoking, and stress - all of my normal smoking triggers, and none of these have set it off. The work Mary does is wow! If you truly want to be a non-smoker and struggled like I did, go see her.

Kit N

"Mary Holmes is a goddess. I had some doubts going in because it was so difficult for me to quit in the past.  This was actually my last resort.  Every time I had quit before, it never stuck. I was too "in love" with my best friends, cigarettes.  Every time I quit, I would become a bitter, angry mess. I didn't WANT to quit, I needed to quit because they're bad for me.  I never WANTED to quit.  I came to Mary because I wanted to want to quit.  I wanted to change my mental state.  I'm 29 years old and had been smoking since  I was 18.  It was time.  I believed I couldn't do it on my own. When I talked to Mary on the phone for the first time I instantly felt this connection.  She was so great to talk to, very down to earth and chill.  I could tell she was smart.  When I met her it was even better.  I enjoyed talking to her so much that the time went by in a flash.  I opened up to her immediately and we talked about everything that had to do with me and my relationship to cigarettes.  The hypnotherapy session was amazing.  I love listening to her voice, so soothing and assertive at the same time.  
It's been a month since I first saw her.  Last night as I was falling asleep listening to the hypnotherapy tape I thought to myself "wow, I haven't thought about cigarettes in about a week and I didn't even know it!"  I can't even tell you what an amazing accomplishment that was to realize.  Cigarettes used to be part of my identity, my best friends.  Or so I thought.  Thanks to Mary, I am free.  I owe her my life."

Holly D

"I'm turning 30 in a couple weeks. I decided that my gift to myself would be to quit smoking forever. I didn't want to be an old lady smoker. I knew my issue wasn't a substance addiction, it was a habit I needed to break. I needed to retrain my brain to adapt to life without cigarettes. I found Mary on Yelp. I begrudgingly emailed her, because even though I knew it's what I SHOULD do, deciding to cut cigarettes out of my life wasn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. Mary responded to my email within the hour, and we were chatting on the phone moments later. I immediately knew I wanted to see her. She clearly understood, was well-versed in smoking cessation, and most importantly genuinely cared about helping me. After just 1 session, I am now a *permanent non-smoker*. I couldn't imagine saying that just 1 month ago. I have absolutely ZERO desire to smoke. I feel free. It was unbelievably easy, and I have Mary to thank for the rest of my healthy life.

Nic J

"I first went to Mary for help in 1994. That's right. Nearly 19 years ago! I was a young just out of college gal who had moved to Los Angeles and was trying to overcome Trichotillomania (in my case thankfully just pulling of eyelashes- but still a terrible nervous disorder that I found out was hereditary a few years earlier when I'd found my birth parents (I'm adopted) I'd met with psychiatrists, gone to group meetings for hair pullers (who knew in my small college town there would be 40 people at one meeting on a Sunday!) I'd tried prescriptions, behavioral therapy.. NOTHING worked. I'd been battling it since my teens for about 7 yrs at that point. One session with Mary in an hour or two and I was cured. I still went back every few years for maintenance but honestly I never pulled after that. No more eye infections, no more embarrassing jobs I'd book (I worked in Los Angeles as an actor and print model) where the makeup artist would throw a fit my eyelashes were missing!) No more people asking me what happened to my eyelashes on a date or just a simple family gathering. and mainly no more hours spent pulling... It just ended.  I'd had psychiatrists tell me I couldn't be hypnotized because I was a type A personality OR that I'd start up another bad habit. None of this could be further than the truth.  What Mary Elizabeth Holmes gave me was priceless. She gave me my life back. I've been recommending friends to her ever since! :)

Erin E

"I met Mary 20 years ago, faced with health problems I was seeking help to quit smoking.  After trying everything, I looked to hypnosis.  After just one session with Mary, I quit smoking!  I felt guilty because it was so easy; no cravings, no grouchiness, it was amazing.  I walked away from a two-pack a day habit and I felt great!  
Here I am 20 years later and still a non-smoker. I realized my sugar cravings were out of control and I had a gluten and wheat intolerance that was causing health problems.  Once again, I turned to Mary for help. I never dreamed that I could do without sugar.  I was hopelessly and seriously addicted.  Since gluten and wheat caused me so much pain, I was sure that would be easy to stop eating.  Exercise was my other obstacle, although I was sure I could get on a permanent path, I couldn't see the path.  Giving up sugar was the easiest part -- and I was surprised how quick and easy it was. The day after my first session with Mary, I decided my coffee was just too sweet to drink "the way I used to".  I smiled as I dumped that cup of coffee down the drain and poured another.  More than anything, I felt as though I could conquer all other obstacles.  I have lost a total of 14 pounds; I do not eat sugar and I eat very little wheat.  Exercise is no longer a chore.  I am very active, I golf one day each week, ride my bike at least ten miles once each week and I use my treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour, four to five times a week, walking at four miles per hour.  I look forward to my exercise.  Snacking is not a problem either.  I never even think about sugar or pastries.  I am happy and motivated by my progress - it is easy and I expect to keep my pace and lose more weight. I am sure I could not have made this progress without Mary's help.  Thank you Mary!

Karen V

"I went to Mary for help with quitting smoking. I was a pretty heavy smoker (pack a day for several years). I cut it down to maybe a 2 packs a week for almost a year, and it seemed impossible for me to quit completely. It wasn't even the smoking itself that I enjoyed, but I was so attached to it. I had already accepted myself as a smoker and that I would be forever.  It was my first time with hypnosis, so I did my research. I talked to a few hypnotherapists on the phone before I made my decision. There really is something about Mary. Lol. Her energy drew me in right away. She is a straight up, honest person and likes to get to the point. None of the 4-5 sessions required. She did the job in 1 session for me, but she still wants you to call her and let her know how you're doing. I think I forgot to call, and she texted me asking me "WHATS GOING ON". Then, I went in for 1 follow up session. She changed my life for the better, and the best part of this whole experience was how easy it was. No war zone in my head telling me why I MUST have this cigarette. I was truly amazed of what she helped me achieve. I also had a concern of gaining weight if I quit, but she also incorporated that into my therapy. She understands every single concern you have, because she was also a heavy smoker. It really shows that she cares, and you will see how much she hates the tobacco industry. If you need help with amazing results, please do yourself a favor and call Mary!!!"

Say H

"I spent 19 years smoking, heavily, every day (even when in the hospital.) When someone told me that Mary's hypnosis got them to quit smoking, and how "easy" it was, I thought: "You're clearly not the kind of smoker I am."
I gave her a call, and said: "I don't want to quit... but I WISH I wanted to quit." She answered, "I can work with 'want to, want to' quit." One session with Mary and I've been cigarette-free for 9 years. Btw, I live with a heavy smoker (my husband) and I'm completely uninterested in cigarettes!  Since then, she's helped me with everything from audition anxiety to writer's block.  Mary's cool and smart and funny and, most importantly, effective!"

Beth L

'Mary, what can I say!  How about AMAZING!  Two years since I last smoked a cigarette...and I have you to thank for that.  I am feeling healthier and boy, has it saved me $$$$!  This was something I attempted to do on my own...and we know how that went.  I still to this day have no desire at all to smoke.  My life is obviously better for it...and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me."  

Laurel H

"Mary Holmes is amazing! She's helped me so many times when I have gotten stuck as an artist. A couple of sessions with her and I'm in the zone again. On another area of my life, Mary created an amazing personal CD for me when I was about to give birth to my son. When it was show time, the labor was totally manageable and I was able to have a successful natural birth with no complications. I was one of a few women that night that was a able to go natural. About 75% of the ladies were having to do c-sections. The power of working with a talented hypnotherapist can work miracles in you life. I'm a believer in the work that Mary does. If you get a chance to work with her, don't walk, run. She will change your life."

Grace C 

Health Testimonials
General Testimonials


“I contacted Mary Holmes at the recommendation of a Senior Bikram Instructor to help me learn the Bikram dialogue.  The dialogue is the required script that’s used by every Bikram yoga instructor and must be memorized and delivered during each 90-minute yoga class.  In the teacher training program, despite being a fairly competent and experienced public speaker, I was having trouble memorizing and delivering the dialogue in an enthusiastic manor.  Mary clearly and thoroughly explained how hypnosis works and why.  Although I was open to the process, I felt her explanation removed even the smallest fear and doubt.  The first time I taught after my session with Mary, my studio owner said that I was 100% better than had been before. I highly recommend Mary for any issue or problem that you may need help with.  She is ethical, kind and very competent.”
Lucille Allen - Bikram Yoga Instructor
“After my first visit with you I finished training with much more ease and confidence.  It made a huge difference for me.  There times that my delivery was not all that I wanted it to be but I was able to deal with that and make adjustments without the anxiety and panic I had suffered from previously.  Thank You!”

Suzanne Braden - Bikram Yoga Instructor

"I contacted Mary when I was looking for an experienced hypnosis therapist. That time i was feeling totally lost especially in decision-making. My business was running bad, my relationship with my girlfriend was disappointing and most of my friends were just criticizing instead of listening. She had a long phone talk with me and realized that I was really in need of life coaching more than hypnosis. Our first session took 3 hours longer than how it was scheduled. It took almost the whole day. She didn't want to stop before she really found out the source of my situation.  Her approach was like a family member and all these 3 sessions I didn't feel she is helping me to make money. She is the best listener I have ever seen, and she has a very rich life experience. That's how she can easily see the clues in your case and reach the main cause of your situation. I strongly recommend her hypnosis and life coaching therapies. I felt so relieved after these sessions. I still listen the hypnosis podcasts and feel more confidence in my business and personal relationships. Thanks Mary!" 

Sal T. 

"I went to Mary when I had some very difficult personal things to deal with. She was able to help me resolve these issues, and to heal and grow into a stronger person. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to build a better stronger self

Kathy S 

"My husband started working with Mary back in December. We sought Mary out because being an aspiring writer in Hollywood can be soul crushing. We were looking for someone to help my husband work through the hopelessness that the entertainment industry can make you feel. Her speciality is hypnotherapy and she helps with scheduling and organization for creatives. She has a very holistic approach that is comforting. Mary is such a spitfire personality and we enjoyed her straightforward no guff approach. She won't allow you to make excuses for yourself and gives you the tools to address your problems straight on. She helped my husband remember why he started writing in the first place. If you need a little help with whatever path you're on, I strongly recommend calling Mary."

Tori T 

"I first went to Mary for help 12 years ago. She has helped me tremendously for every single issue I have brought to her. I was skeptical about hypnotism, but when she explained the science behind it, and when I experienced RESULTS, I changed my tune. Among other things, Mary has helped me overcome stage fright, problems with project completion, procrastination, BLUSHING and math phobia. She has helped me generally accept gray area in aspects of my life. She has said things in sessions that were so on the nose, it has repeatedly blown my mind. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially for phobias or bad habits. If you want to change those things in your life, CALL MARY. Seriously."

Kristen R 

"I can't begin to tell you how much Mary has done for me.  She has made a huge impact on my life and is one of those people you don't know how you ever lived without.  Not only has she impacted my life but also the lives of some very close friends.  She is one of the best gifts anyone ever gave me and has become a gift I now pass on to others!  Seriously, I'm addicted to handing out her cards..."

Jennifer P 

"When I clicked five stars Yelp said "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" That's Mary. As good as it gets. Professional yet fun. Tenacious yet patient. Disciplined yet flexible. Whatever aspect of your life you would like to improve, behavior you would like to change, or talent you would like to develop, Mary can help. She will get right to the source of the problem without any psychobabble, rationalization, or prevarication. In other words, Mary don't bullshit. From there she will work with you to design a plan of action to effect that change, tackling each goal with small, easy-to-achieve steps and teaching you how to build on each success and learn from each setback. Each plan is custom-tailored to your learning style and abilities until together you reach your goal. Mary Holmes. As good as it gets."


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