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Mary Elizabeth Holmes is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in private practice since 1992. She teaches, conducts seminars, and provides goal setting/life coaching programs and hypnotherapy for individuals and groups. 


She has appeared on national and international broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, BBC, and DISCOVERY HEALTH, and featured in The Hollywood Reporter as THE HYPNOTHERAPIST TO THE STARS.  As a corporate coach, she has worked with The Greenbrier Resort, The BOC Group, YWCA, The Los Angeles City Controller/Auditing Staff, studio executives, casting companies, lighting companies, manufacturers, and more.


Incorporating a background in both visual and performing arts, Mary utilizes creative principals, hypnosis, and life coaching to support her clients in achieving their dreams, and to enjoy the process as well as the results.

I specialize in working with creatives, meaning I help ALL KINDS of people create the habits, goals, and lives they want.  Whether producing a piece of art or realizing a goal, the same process and principles apply.


It never gets old seeing the lights go on when my clients start to understand WHY they are stuck, why it feels like that the harder they try, the worse things get - AND what they can do about it.  Right away. 


I work fast. The first session is in depth, and intensive.  We clarify goals, create a plan, and support all of it with hypnosis, so that your habit brain and creative brain are in agreement.  When you stop fighting with yourself, change happens with less resistance and a lot more grace. 

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