BREAKTHROUGH WITH H.E.L.P. is a coaching process that provides clarity through accountability, feedback and support.  It is further enhanced and implemented through visualization, relaxation, and repetition - fundamental elements in hypnotherapy.  


This process has been utilized successfully with individuals and groups, out-of-work artists, burnt out executives, as well as happy and healthy individuals and companies that are proactive about staying   that way. 


It has been my consistent observation that willing participants get obvious forward movement. Goals get set, clarified and accomplished.  The end result is a real and workable goal, business, or life plan.  



H ope – “Desire; belief in the possibility of obtaining”

E nergy – “Power; activity, vitality, intensity of expression”

L ogistics – “Management of the details; common sense”

P lan – “A diagram; a map; a project; a design”


“Mary was really crucial in helping me get to a place where I could finish working on a film project.”


“She’s helped me so many times when I have gotten stuck as an artist.  A couple of sessions and I’m in the zone again.”


“Like most people, I suffered from acute procrastination. Mary’s coaching helped me structure my time into bite sized amounts

and couple with hypnosis helped me get over what I thought was depression and finish my project.”


“My writing partner and I have made incredible progress with our creative endeavors because of Mary’s coaching, timelines,

and guidance”


“She will work with you to design a plan of action to effect that change, tackling each goal with small, easy-to-achieve steps

and teach you how to build on each success and learn from each setback.”


“Each plan is custom-tailored to your learning style and abilities until together you reach your goal.”


“A project I created and starred in just premiered at one of the  biggest film festivals ever!  MY DREAM COME TRUE! Thank

you, Mary for helping me get out of my own way.”

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